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       My food practices are deeply rooted in expressing love and joy, nourishing my soul family, and maintaining the highest level of integrity in quality, intention, and impact. In addition to being extremely delicious, it is very important to me that the food I serve is highly nourishing and good for your body, and therefore the wider ecosystem and the whole planet. Everything at the Bakery and Cafe is Vegan and Organic. The bread we make is all naturally leavened, meaning with wild yeast NOT commercially-produced fast-acting yeast. The fermentation process destroys gluten, releases enzymes, and unlocks the nutrition of Wheat. Every single thing we serve at the cafe is made by hand with love and intention. The ingredients are all fresh, organic, and whole. All the food I serve will make you feel AMAZING! All of our food packaging is biodegradable, and we compost all our organic food scraps at local community gardens. Any extra bread or foods that are still good are distributed to people experiencing homelessness or otherwise hungry folks. We are not just selling food, we are pumping love and consciousness into the ecosystem, and we are building a loving, nourishing community, all while making food ART from our heART!




N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R